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Low Equity or No Equity Home Sales

The low equity and no equity situation is one of the most common problems homeowners are running into in today’s market. Most sellers in this situation have already taken several steps including:

1. Trying to sell their home themselves (For Sale By Owner – FSBO) without success.
2. Listing the home through a real estate agency. With this strategy the home is often listed at a higher price than its true value because it has low or no equity and real estate agent is using the inflated price to account for their commission. This often leads to very few showings and little to no offers.
3. The owners stop making payments and let the home go into foreclosure.

If you are faced with these issues and you are being forced to stop making payments and go into foreclosure, we can help! We also specialize in short sales and can help slow the foreclosure process and so that a short sale can be negotiated and a buyer can step in and help pay off the related debt.

Low equity home buyer in Dallas

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to sell my home?

Every real estate market is different, therefore, the best time to sell a home will be different from city to city.  In most cases, the spring months are the strongest and winter is the weakest.

What is the current state of the Dallas real estate market?

There are quite a few market indicators that drive the local Dallas market but job growth and housing inventory have the biggest impact.  If you’re dealing with a low or no equity sale then you should be focused on finding the right buyer that can assist you with the sales process.  More than likely a first time home buyer is not going to be the answer.

What steps should I take to prepare my home for sale?

If you work with a cash buyer such as “DFW Sell Fast” then no work is needed. We actually like to buy property in mediocre or poor condition.  This saves you time and money.

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