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Let us be the source of your next investment property!

Real estate is an exciting industry to be a part of, and whether you are a brand new investor or an experienced pro, a part-time investor looking to earn additional income or a full-time investor, we can help you reach your investing goals.

We spend a lot of time and money marketing for properties and growing a large network of real estate professionals that we can connect with each other to build and create new business for everyone. You can take advantage of our extensive effort to get to the next level of investing in many different ways:

Fixer uppers – find your next rehab

We purchase more houses than we could possibly renovate ourselves at any given time, but we certainly are not willing to pass on these deals that could make other investors in our network money. For this reason, we flip many of these houses with great profit potential to those on our buyer’s list. They can then renovate the houses themselves, sell them, and cash in without the need to market for each deal.

Income properties – find your next rental

DFW is one of the top rental markets in the country and there is huge potential for long-term passive income investments in this market. We have extensive knowledge on the best income-producing areas and we will work with you to locate rental properties that best meet your needs and goals to build your rental portfolio.

Get rid of your unwanted investment properties

If you have a rehab or rental property that has become more trouble than it is worth, we will buy it from you. Contact us with the basic information on the property and we will make you a fair cash offer within 24 hours.

Why work with us?

Let us be the source of your next investment property!

While the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) can be a source of deals, the competition is fierce on this platform from other investors as well as owner occupant buyers who many times pay inflated prices that don’t make financial sense for investors.For that reason, we spend thousands of dollars every month on marketing campaigns of all kinds to locate “off-market” deals. This is the best way to find properties at a discount and is essential to making it in this crazy business we love so much. It is a full time operation to keep these marketing campaigns going, not to mention the large cash outlay it takes to get a significant response for your efforts.

We can help you overcome this investing road block!

Simply click the button above and enter your basic contact information in the provided fields and we will send you deals to review as they become available. All of the analysis for market value, profit potential, and estimation for repairs will already be completed for you, making your decision on whether or not to take action on a house, very simple.

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