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If You Want To Sell Your House Fast Know What Buyers Want

If You Want To Sell Your House Fast Know What Buyers Want

house2If you want to sell your house fast in Texas, you’ve got to know what buyers do and don’t want.

The latest National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers reveals a lot about what people want. In order to really get your home sold fast and efficiently it pays to know this information. So, what do buyers want? What are the best ways to sell?

Quick Home Buyer Statistics to Know:

  • 34% of new home buyers were looking to avoid renovations, and problems with plumbing and electricity
  • 32% of those buying existing homes were specifically looking for a cheaper deal
  • The median moving distance between homes was 12 miles
  • For 84% heating and cooling were the most important environmental features

Other data suggests a large number of boomerang sellers, with very few homeowners being successful as for sale by owners (FSBOs). Just 8% of all transactions in the last year have been by owner sales. That’s 1% less than in 2015.

What it Means for Texas Home Sellers

The above data suggests that today’s home buyers aren’t very interested in buying fixer uppers. Most buyers are local, looking for newer homes, and want renovated homes, without any worries about major appliance replacements or repairs. Some are finding home for sale by owner, but far fewer homes are being sold this way than many may believe.

With interest rates expected to be rising quickly, and more home buyers feeling the impact in their buying power, you’ll need to act quickly to position your home well if you want to sell your house fast.

The Exception

It is possible to sell your home in any condition. In order to do so, and in a timely manner, you must be targeting the right buyers. Either your home is like new and has broad appeal, or it requires a specific type of buyer. And most sellers simply won’t see the return on gambling on doing their own DIY makeovers. Most buyers specifically say they veer away from properties that show signs of home improvement projects which weren’t completed by professional contractors.

Fortunately, there are some wanting these problem properties to rehab that have the cash to buy them. They have cash for houses, and are willing to take on those which are outdated, have air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing issues. If your home has any of these defects request a fast cash offer by calling or texting us at 817-601-7777.

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